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In Compliance

Our up-to-date knowledge base keeps you informed on changing laws and regulations specific to the governance in your state or city.

Here are just a few areas of expertise:

Criminal Record Search
Finding the proper Criminal Record search.
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SSN Verifiers
Quick, easy and accurate.
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Performance Verifiers
Education, employment, driving and more.
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Drug Screening
Industry specific solutions.
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Social Media Screening
Customized behavior kits keep you compliant.
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D.O.T. Verification
Strict adherance to Federal guidelines and solutions for Fleet Managers.
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Credit Reports
Mitigating risk with employees who handle money.
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Forms management from experts in employment law. Accredited and FCRA Certified.
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Disclosures and Authorizations

When reviewing your forms, it is important to understand the language requirements set forth by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and federal courts, these language requirements can be found in our understanding of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Our disclosure and consent forms are reviewed regularly to ensure they meet the requirements of the FCRA and keep you compliant.

Adverse Action “One-Click” Solution

Risk Assessment Group makes it easy for you to adhere to the federally mandated Adverse Action procedures.

Our two-step process notifies applicants when they do not meet the hiring criteria of your company. We offer a “One- Click” solution that takes care of this process for you. All correspondence is attached to the completed order with compliant and up-to-date forms, customized to the local and state regulations that affect your organization.

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“We know a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture matters to our clients. Through philanthropy and employee collunteerism, we support the diverse communities where our employees live.”

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