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Social Media Screening – it's here to stay

Like the memes that keep us relevant, research shows that social media screenings are here to stay.  Companies are being held accountable for their employees' actions as well as their social media history, and are looking for a way to protect themselves within the boundaries of the law.  It's also an unfortunate reality that many […]


What Employers Should Know About DOT Testing

What Employers Should Know About DOT testing DOT testing is a program through the U.S. Department of Transportation that checks for drug and alcohol use in those employed in safety-sensitive jobs as they pertain to transportation. Trucking, aviation, railways and even shipping fall within the areas that may require DOT testing either during or in […]


5 Things Your Company Can Do to Attract the Right Employees to Your Team

Between employees reevaluating what they want from their current positions and the number of those eligible for retirement, it seems everyone is taking a hard look at their options.  Add that to a market with more job openings being reported than employees to fill those positions, and it’s led to a shortage in staffing for […]


Zoom Meeting Protocol and Professionalism

In 2020, Zoom and other online meeting apps became the standard way to do business. That included job interviews. Though the requirement for the online tool may be changing as people head back to the office, the trend to have virtual meetings is here to stay. While it can be a little more challenging to […]


Second Chances: Should employers consider hiring people with criminal records?

Should you consider hiring applicants with past criminal records? It’s a complex question that can’t be answered without some reflection on your corporate culture and business needs. “Ban the Box” and “Fair Chance” Movements The opportunities and challenges with previously incarcerated applicants are many. They involve a lot of consideration and can be a little […]


Background Screening for Small Business Owners

If you run a small business, you understand the critical nature of proper hiring. Good employees can go a long way in making your company successful. Adversely, the bad hire can potentially have a negative effect on you, your staff, sales and more. Use your resources wisely When you do background checks for an open […]


Do Volunteers Require Background Checks?

Background Checks for Volunteers Background screening is increasing in use– not just in the private sector, but also in the public and nonprofit world. There is simply too much at stake for a company not to take precautions with potential new hires. But what about when it comes to volunteers who donate their time to […]


Your employees are on social media. Is their content costing you customers?

Your employees are on social media. Is their content costing you customers? Now that we know that work-from-home, remote employees and long-distance contractors are here to stay, it's time to revisit the way we hire. One of the results of this trend is a focus on formal background screening and a surge in employers wanting […]


Creating A Background Check Policy

The Road to Success: Creating A Background Check Policy   When hitting the open road for a long-awaited vacation, your excitement may tempt you to hop in the car and start driving from Point A to Point B. But have you considered what you would do in the event of an unexpected road closure? A […]


Why Perform a Federal Criminal Database Search?

Why Perform a Federal Criminal Database Search?   30 years ago, Maggie* took her passion for baking to the next level and opened a bakery. Business quickly boomed and Maggie hired her long-time friend Candace to keep track of her books. It was a huge relief to have the dependable help.   Decades later, her […]

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