Best HR Trends You'll Want To Know In 2023


As an HR professional, you need to know what's essential to your employees and employer in 2023. With the New Year come new challenges and opportunities for employers and employees. Here are our predictions on what trends are coming this year.

1.  Preventing Burnout

The pandemic led to the remote-worker revolution, which for some, carried with it a blurry line between work and home life. Post-pandemic, 49% of US employees experienced burnout, according to a study from McKinsey & Company. Preventing burnout creates a workplace environment where people excel and companies innovate. Mental health is top of mind coming into the new year for both employers and employees - so implementing people-first policies that create an attractive work environment is critical. Consider providing counseling services, creating opportunities for open conversation between workers and management, and adjusting organizational policies to meet the needs of the evolving workforce.
2.  Employee Retention

According to SHRM, nearly half of surveyed executives saw higher turnover post-pandemic. Retaining employees in the New Year saves money, keeps you competitive in the job market, and creates a stable and welcoming culture.   Employee retention starts with effective onboarding and continues with competitive benefits, continuing education and opportunities, flexible and remote work integration, and promoting effective work-life balance. We may see companies investing more time and energy into employee development and engagement in hopes of retaining them.
3.  Integrating Your Remote Workers

2022 saw the birth of the remote-worker era, and in 2023 it is expected to take over the workforce, with 97% of employees wanting to work remotely (Buffer). Companies must be prepared for remote workers and flexible schedules by implementing policies and best practices for seamless integration, communication, and collaboration. Employers should not dismiss the remote workforce as a trend but embrace this as an opportunity to grow their company and employees. Take extra time this year to maintain a healthy culture for your hybrid workforce and evolve with them.
4.  Upskilling Your Workforce

Nurturing and advancing your employees’ skills will make them want to stay and elevate them to new or different positions in the company. According to a study by Gartner, “44% of HR leaders believe their organizations do not have compelling career paths.” Up-skill your employees by offering personalized learning opportunities through courses, training, or seminars. Put those skills to use by promoting from within or opening up other job opportunities within your company. Skill growth is not one-size-fits-all, so it’s essential to keep your focus on the employee experience: understand how they learn, what skills they excel at, and where their interests lie in their professional development.

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