Performance Verifiers

Education Verification

If you had to, could you tell the difference between a forged diploma and a real one? Let us take on the extensive task of gathering this important information.

Be assured, we handle this process with the professionalism and compassion that your candidates deserve and we never limit the amount of research needed to get the job done. That means exhausting every scenario to determine the accuracy of the information. And if we can't do so? We call the candidate directly to ask for supporting documentation.

Whether you need verification of a high school diploma, college degree, or even a trade school certification, Risk Assessment Group's education verification services will ensure you are hiring the right person for the job.

Employment Verification

Professional Reference Interviews

Our standard interview is 13 questions and those questions are customizable, although we believe they effectively capture the information you seek.

Interviews are conducted over the phone by trained professionals. Our staff are skilled at leading your references through a conversation rather than simply reading questions from a script.

We also have an electronic version available for those who can only give us a limited amount of time. Often, our electronic interviews produce in-depth and candid responses because the reference has time to think about their responses.

Professional License Verification

Provide us the type of license and state of issue, and we will verify date of issue, current status and violations, if any.

Health Care Credentialing
  • Primary Source License Verifications
  • Office of Inspector General Searches
  • General Services Administration Queries
  • Health Care Sanctions and Ongoing Monitoring
  • Denied Parties
  • Health and Human Services Violations
Driving Records

If an applicant's job description includes driving, a 39-month driving record will alert you to drivers that could expose your company to unnecessary risks. The motor vehicle driving history will include information on:

  • Moving Violations
  • DUIs
  • Accidents
  • Insurance and Registration Fraud
  • 5-year record searches
  • Continuous Monitoring through Samba Safety


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