Background Authorization Forms

Up to date authorization forms are paramount to a compliant background screening program. It is perfectly acceptable to customize forms, and any language that you would like to add is reviewed by our general counsel to ensure that your forms include FCRA and state required language.

State Specific Compliance Forms

Many states and occasionally cities mandate their own notifications or copies of statutes be given to candidates along with their FCRA authorization forms. We take care of that for you.

Secure Storage

Your candidate's personal information is safe with Risk Assessment Group. With every key stroke encrypted and stored with MicroSoft Azure, we ensure that all aspects of security are covered. We are a PBSA Accredited firm and have had our Information Security policy and procedures tried and tested for your security. This includes everything from key personnel to system modification.

We meet and exceed every federal standard for data security.

Customizable Ajudication Services

Our system is built to use your company adjudication guidelines and deliver flawless Pass/Fail/Provisional result headers. Adjudication is customizable so making changes to fit the changing needs of your program is no problem. Let’s work together to figure it out.

Discount Medical Review for Drug Test Positives

All positive drug tests go to a Medical Review Officer for verification and confirmation of prescriptions. This can be a costly side effect to a drug screen program but not with Risk Assessment Group; we’ve built it in to your drug screen program so that there are no surprises.


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