Background Screening for Small Business Owners


If you run a small business, you understand the critical nature of proper hiring. Good employees can go a long way in making your company successful. Adversely, the bad hire can potentially have a negative effect on you, your staff, sales and more.

Use your resources wisely

When you do background checks for an open position, it can be tempting to go down the path of least resistance -- paying to run one-time checks on applicants or new employees through an online company. While background checks are always the recommended route to take, there is a difference in who does them for you. It may seem enticing to use a firm that charges a one-time fee to run an instant check for you. But here lies a classic case of “getting what you pay for.”

A less-than-accurate or incomplete search may not reveal past issues -- and before it’s too late, you might just pay the price for an employee’s poor performance or even legal trouble. And then many of these companies will charge add-on fees to add to your search. Pretty soon, the bill for a more comprehensive search can double or even triple.

Easy to understand, personalized hiring solutions

Cursory database searches may or may not uncover issues with credit, criminal, legal or performance issues. They likely can produce over-simplified reports that may make it difficult to pinpoint real issues. A full-service background screening company like Risk Assessment Group will take a deeper dive, help you sort through data to help uncover these problems, and guide you to the best solutions.

You’ll receive personal service from someone you will be familiar with. Someone who will not just answer questions and concerns about a candidate’s background, but also the complicated realm of federal employment law and your legal rights, as well as those of new hires, applicants and your staff. And finally, you’ll want someone who can educate you on laws regarding record keeping, preservation and disposal of the background check results.

Hiring can be a complicated process. It can also be rewarding and extremely productive when you make the right choice. Risk Assessment Group is here to help you build a better team. We are dedicated to the highest quality customer service, while building lasting relationships to increase your productivity and success.

Contingent workforces, ban the box and other trends  

Looking ahead, a full-service firm can provide insight into trends employers need to keep an eye on. These include things like the rise of the contingent workforce (those who do not expect their jobs to last or who report that their jobs are temporary), a push for certain bans on employment application boxes and a rise in ex-offenders applying for jobs. All these areas we have touched on in the past and will have a major effect on how companies hire – and retain – competent employees and contractors.

According to the latest research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), contingent workers make up as much as 3.8 percent of the country’s workforce. Though, because many jobs in the Gig Economy – a highly mobile sector involved in technology platforms like web and app development – are not statistically measured by the BLS methodology, that number could be significantly higher. Are you ready to commit to fully understanding the best hiring practices? Of course you are.

Take your business to the next level

There are many issues that can have major impacts on your workforce and your company. Employers have many barriers to overcome throughout the hiring process. Recognizing this and using the right tools, such as those of a reputable, professional background check company, can help you navigate quickly and safely through the course of a new hire.

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