Your employees are on social media. Is their content costing you customers?


Your employees are on social media. Is their content costing you customers?

Now that we know that work-from-home, remote employees and long-distance contractors are here to stay, it's time to revisit the way we hire. One of the results of this trend is a focus on formal background screening and a surge in employers wanting to ensure their remote workers are in line with company values. Employers believe those values should be reflected in their workers' social media activities.

Public perception is the same. The general public – customers or not – is holding companies accountable for their employees' actions as well as their social media history. Social media campaigns, boycotts and even media scrutiny are at an all-time high.

Employers are looking for a way to protect themselves and have found that incorporating a social media search in their background screening program can be an effective way to identify potential issues.

The question has always been how we can do this within the boundaries of the law. It's an unfortunate reality that many executive employees are researching candidates on their own, without the guidance of human resources.

Risk Assessment Group has the answer. Treat social media background screening the same way that you would treat any other background screening search. With innovation and technology, and an experienced professional approach, social media screenings can be both compliant and conducted with the utmost respect for the candidate.

Interpreting the Information

How the information is interpreted is key. This ensures clients receive the benefits, while removing potential bias. Normal background screening adjudication guidelines will apply. This means you will only be given information that has been carefully filtered to measure behavior without bias or discrimination.

We build safe and compliant behavior kits to identify bad behavior while filtering out unnecessary information. If you are considering implementing the use of social media as a screening tool, give us a call, and we are happy to help guide you on how you can help protect your company and maintain compliance throughout the hiring process.

--Bill Holmes

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